Key Holding & Security

Security & Key Holding Services

“You can put your trust in us”

 The security of your home is extremely important to us - we offer to visit and survey your property inside and out informing you of any concerns . Providing photographs when required. The winter season can often be a time when during your absence many things can occur. In severe weather conditions additional checks can be carried out should you wish us to check your property after we have notified you of any adverse weather conditions. It is at this time of the year that our services can be vital for the well being of your property and of course, your peace of mind. Many French Insurance Companies will require that a vacant property is visited at least once a month.

“giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is being cared for”

Our Services include weekly, fortnightly or monthly exterior and interior home checks


  • Checking of all doors, windows and shutters.
  • Checking of the rooves for displaced tiles and potential leaks.
  • Checking of all guttering and down pipes for damage and blockages.
  • Checking of walls for cracks and condition of paintwork.
  • Checking of gates, fences and property boundaries.


  • Checking of all rooms for signs of leaks.
  • Checking of all rooms for signs of damp.
  • Check the internal security of the rooms.
  • Check for any evidence of rodent activity
  • Check for infestation of beetles, wasps & flies etc.
  • Check for any signs of power failure following storms or high winds.


A complete written report of all inspections will be completed and forwarded on to the client. Should any remedial works be required we will submit a written report to you with photographs and help you source tradesmen, if required, and we can be available to meet them and escort them whilst on the premises and obtain quotations for your attention.

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