Pet Sitting

Pet sitting

Why not have your pets looked after in their own home?

Holidays, work, or perhaps an unforeseen absence!  You don't know what to do, you need someone to help to keep them safe, fed, walked and happy. For the health, safety and security of your pet/s, PMT can be there to help.  We will offer you a package to suit you and your pets' needs.  From regular daily visits to leave fresh water and food and give a cuddle, checking general health and well being to walking and administering medicines or taking to vets if there is a problem.

We propose to look after your pets in your own home, either with routine daily visits or by staying in your home whilst you are away. The pet sitter will take care of your beloved pets, giving them a sense of security and familiarity to help ease the separation.

Less stress for your pet !

It is especially interesting for pets who are not keen on being in strange surroundings or do not like change. It is less stressful. It permits the pets to be in their own environment ! helping them to forget your absence a little.

We can look after any pet to your written requirements, from large animals to the very small - including donkeys, dogs, cats, small animals, birds, fish, poultry etc.


Because your dog is your most loyal companion and you wish them to be happy during your absence,we can provide a sitter who will put your pet first and ensure a friendly calm absence. We will feed, water, play with and lavish attention on your pet in the place it feels most at home, your home.  Put your mind at ease and be secure in the knowledge that your pet is receiving excellent care in your absence.

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